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Benefits for your business

How skilled workers can add value to your business

When you invest in skilled people, you’re investing in the future of your business.

Apprentices are an effective way to introduce knowledge, passion and ambition into your workforce, helping you respond to the evolving needs of your business and the industry.

Hundreds of training courses are subsidised by the Government of South Australia because they build skills and knowledge that are vital to the future of our state as we build our economy.

Employing a new apprentice or training your current staff can deliver real benefits to your business.

Benefits to your business

Develop new skills and harness new perspectives.

Apprentices not only bring up-to-date knowledge and skills into your business, but they also inject new ideas and energy, helping your business build momentum and get ahead.

Guide and mentor staff aligned to your business needs.

Apprenticeships are built on a foundation of training ‘on-the-job’. This presents a valuable opportunity to train staff with purpose: developing skills and knowledge in line with your business needs.

Upskill your business.

Stay competitive and increase business sustainability by recruiting skilled people or upskilling current employees. Apprenticeships are an effective way to re-energise and reskill your workforce and extend your business offering.

Build your business with confidence.

South Australia’s extensive training network and diverse employment options means you can recruit an apprentice with confidence. With streamlined registration processes, probationary periods and employer incentives, there are apprentice pathways to suit businesses of all sizes.

Build your competitive advantage.

Build your business and boost its competitiveness by ensuring your employees have the latest skills and knowledge.

Keep up with latest industry and technology changes.

Your business will benefit with staff who are across your industry’s regulations and the latest technology.

Retain good people and attract new talent.

Investing in training shows that your business values its staff and their development so you’re more likely to retain current employees and attract new talent.

Gain financial support to train your people.

Apprenticeship related incentives and wage subsidies are available through the South Australian and Federal Government to help you grow your business with skilled workers.