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Emergency support

Initiatives to support you and maximise the benefits of employing skilled people

Responding to a change in business activities during an emergency such as a bushfire, flood or pandemic.

If changes to your business activities in event of an emergency have impacted on your capacity to employ and train your apprentice or trainee, you can consider:

  • the use of leave entitlements such as annual leave, if your apprentice or trainee has this accrued.
  • unpaid leave if your apprentice or trainee does not have available leave entitlements for the whole or partial time that major State Emergency business restrictions are in place.
  • off job training. This could mean online training and your apprentice should speak to their training provider. As an employer, you will need to continue to pay wages for time your apprentice spends in attendance at training.
  • reduced number of hours of work, if your apprentice or trainee is still able to work through major State business restrictions, but the demand or nature of work has changed. Apply to change the hours of your training contract.
  • a suspension of the training contract may be appropriate as a last option. A training contract suspension allows you to recommence your apprentice’s work and study when business restrictions are lifted.

Skills SA is available to answer any questions you may have relating to a training contract.

We can provide advice around the suspension of a training contract, payment of wages and the number of hours agreed to for the term of the training contract.

You can obtain further information and advice about your circumstances by calling 1800 673 097 or emailing

When the time is right, there is information about other programs available to support businesses.